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✔ Hand Forged Cleaver Knife
✔ Razor Sharp
✔ Perfectly Balanced
✔ Sturdy Full Tang Handle

Professional Knife Set

The best selling knife sets of 2024. High stainless steel blade & full tang solid wood handle. Up to 56% off.

Reviews With Videos

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    Fzkaly Kitchen Knife Review: From Unboxing to Steak-Cutting Perfection!
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    Fzkaly 7" Santoku Knife Review - Professional Hollow Edge Japanese Cutting Knife
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    Fzkaly Classic Chef's Knife 8 inch Review - Cut Through Like Butter!

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  • Fzkaly damascus steak knife set
    This set of steak knife is very well packaged and could be used as gift if required. The knife itself is also very well designed with weight that feel the quality. The blade comes with patterns that makes it very high end look and feel.
  • Fzkaly 6-piece japanese steak knife set
  • Fzkaly sharp 8 inch chef knife
    I got the 8" chef knife. It is wicked sharp right out of the box. This is a quality knife that just plain feels good in my hand. One of my hobbies is wood carving and I know a thing or two about the need for sharp tools, this knife impressed me. Will it cut? Holding a standard piece of paper by a corner, it sliced down the paper with no problem. That is razor blade sharp. In life you get what you pay for, maybe with this knife you get a little more.
    This is a really nice quality knife with outstanding feel and balance. The knife fit and finish is spectacular befitting of a much higher priced knife. A great addition to any collection. Construction is excellent and the blade is sharp and durable with the balance making the knife feel very light and agile.
    Mr Gadget
  • Fzkaly classic 8 inch chefs knife
    This knife is beautiful but also makes quick work of dicing vegetables. I have never owned any decent knives and now I finally have one! I recommend this knife as a gift for a lucky person or to keep for yourself as I have done. The knife has a sharp, stainless blade and beautiful, silky soft handle. Love it!
Fzkaly brand story
Fzkaly specializes in crafting high-quality, precision-cutting kitchen knives for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike. We aim to eliminate the need for frequent replacement of kitchen essentials, ultimately achieving our environmental sustainability objective.


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What type of oil should I use for maintaining my knives?
To maintain and protect the blades of your knives, you can use food-safe mineral oil or specialized knife oils.

Another traditional choice in Japan for knife maintenance is Camellia Oil, also known as Tsubaki Oil.

When applying oil to your knives, follow these general steps:
  • Lean the blades and dry it first.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil to the blade with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Wipe off excess oil on the blade.
  • Allow the knives to sit for a little while to let the oil penetrate the blade and provide protection. 
What knife set would be suitable for a vegetarian chef?
For vegetarian chefs, we highly recommend the Fzkaly 4 piece Japanese knife set which includes a Nakiri knife, with its straight edge and flat profile making it ideal for chopping and slicing through a variety of vegetables. A chef's knife and Santoku are perfect for chopping, slicing, and dicing vegetables and fruits, while the utility knife is great for more detailed tasks such as trimming and peeling.
Which kitchen knife is a good choice for beginners?
A versatile and easy-to-handle chef's knife is often considered the best kitchen knife for beginners due to its all-purpose functionality and comfortable design.
What type of knife is best for cutting vegetables?
A Nakiri knife or a Santoku knife are both excellent choices for cutting vegetables due to their precision and versatility.
Which knife is best for cutting meat?
A cleaver knife or a chef's knife with a sturdy blade is typically best for cutting meat due to its ability to handle the various tasks involved in meat preparation.
Will the knife be damaged and rust quickly?
The durability of a knife is often influenced by the balance between its hardness and toughness. High hardness easy to damage the edge. Fzkaly kitchen knives have undergone a unique heat treatment process that maintains a fine balance between toughness and hardness. Making the knives are hard but not brittle, sharp, and lasting.

Both stainless steel and Damascus steel chef knife have outstanding anti-rust ability. While carbon steel knife is more susceptible to rusting quickly. To be honest, it doesn't mean it is not rust forever. Thus, it's important to keep the knife clean, and dry, and occasionally apply a thin layer of food-safe mineral oil to the blade. Regular cleaning and immediate drying after use will help minimize the risk of rust formation on our knives.
How do I clean and care for my Fzkaly knives?
These knives are very easy to care for:
1. Clean it with warm water and mild soap and rinse off food right after use to prevent sticking.
2. Simply dry it immediately after cleaning each time to avoid rust.
3. Hand washing is recommended for longer service life.
4. Do not cut food or bones on hard objects and surfaces (glass, stone plates, ceramics, etc).

For more product care information see Care & Maintenance.
Can you describe each knife's use in a complete chef Knife set?
  • Chef's Knife (or Gyuto Knife): The workhorse of the kitchen, versatile for a wide range of tasks, including chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing. 
  • Santoku Knife: Japanese chef knife, lighter than a Western chef knife.
  • Bread Knife: Serrated bread knife helps to slice through crusts without crushing the delicate insides.
  • Boning Knife: Designed with a narrow, curved blade, a boning knife is used for removing bones from meat, poultry, and fish. 
  • Cleaver: A cleaver has a large, heavy blade and is often associated with chopping through tough materials like bones and dense vegetables.
  • Utility Knife: This knife is smaller than a chef's knife and has a narrower blade. Great for trimming and slicing small fruits and vegetables.
  • Paring Knife: The paring knife has a short, pointed blade and is primarily used for intricate tasks like peeling, trimming, and shaping fruits and vegetables.
  • Steak Knives: steak knives are used for cutting cooked meats at the table. They're not typically used in food preparation.
  • Slicing Knife: With a long, thin blade, a carving knife is designed for slicing cooked meats, particularly larger cuts like roasts and turkeys.
For more info, check out 9 Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Uses.
Are your knives made from Damascus steel?
At Fzkaly, we have premium high-carbon stainless steel series and Damascus steel series kitchen knives available. You can choose depending on your preference. If and want to know more about Damascus steel, check out: The Complete Guide to Damascus Steel VS Carbon Steel.
Steak Knife Set - Fzkaly Knives
Fzkaly Steak Knife Set


Experience precision and elegance with our Japanese steak knives. Crafted with exceptional quality, these knives effortlessly enhance your dining experience.
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